Years of Successes
April 1, 2018

All hospitals in Lebanon will be obliged to conduct PID screening test on each newborn in Lebanon - 2018

April 1, 2018

As of April 1st 2018, all hospitals in Lebanon will be obliged to conduct PID screening test on each newborn inLebanon, this will have a positive impact on decreasing the number of infant mortality and will enable us to detect the exact numbers of infected children.

NaSPID, is supported by the Ministry of PublicHealth, supervised by iFight and the MOH and directed at the Center forInfectious Diseases Research (CIDR) at AUBMC. The testing is done incoordination with AUBMC and Université Saint Joseph, Medical Genetics Unit.

Other Accomplishments:

  1. iFight fully funded the travel and accommodation of Doctors from from AUBMC to the University of Massachusetts for training at the New England Newborn Screening program in order to get the latest update on the techniques and logistics of newborn screening. iFight organized training workshops for the medical teams and hospitals all around theLebanese provinces to implement this program.
  2. iFight half funded the purchase of the latest model of the Prodigy cell depletion equipment used in the transplantation of patients who do not have a fully matched donor. With this purchase, the PrimaryImmunodeficiency Program at AUBMC will be positioned to perform ALL types of bone marrow transplantation for children with PID.
  3. iFight reached an agreement with AUBMC to cutdown the cost of bone marrow transplantation by more than 50% of the cost of doing the same procedure in Europe. This will allow us to perform twice the number of transplants for the same cost.